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गोर्खा नेपलिज कम्युनिटी लण्डन वरो अफ हन्स्लो

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Dear Respected members of the Community

Having been General Secretary and Vice Chairman of Gurkha Nepalese Community London borough of Hounslow (GNCH) for 11 years, I have the pleasure to take my turn to assume the position of Chairman of GNCH, as assigned by the committee with effect from 23rd of February 2019. I appreciate very much of your wish and decision to have me as a Chairman of this organisation and glad to take over the further duties and responsibilities of ongoing management of Gurkha Nepalese Community London Borough of Hounslow. At the same time as a Chairman of GNCH, I would like to welcome to all existing members of the community. Anyone wishing to join us to become the member of GNCH are also most welcome to share the spirit of being together as a strongest unity of GNCH, particularly those who reside closure to the borough of Hounslow area. We GNCH Community have always shared the best team work aiming to build up the strongest unity of Gurkha and Nepalese families in particular.

Further to this, we the existing operatives/ executive committee of the team have herewith endeavoured to provide with the clear picture and the details of previous liability that occurred in the past events held, we should also not forget in addition to appreciate the kindest generosity, wholehearted dedication and effortless hard work conferred by the founding executives of GNCH. The particular objective of this organisation is to assist the needy people for welfare facilities as based as practicable and for sharing the spirit of entertainment from time to time depending on the wish of Community members and flexibility of time and availability of the members.

The foreseeable future events will be observed and enjoyed as mentioned below:-

1. Nepalese Culture Get-together
2. Gurkha VC Cup
3. London Slammer 2days Basketball tournament

More Attention will also be taken most importantly on developing community cohesion and integration of likely events that may come into our hand through the surrounding organisations which might require our assistance, involvement and participation in the local Hounslow Borough Community work, we may also be required for the assistance in the Hounslow borough Community work such as Hounslow Councillor's Help, and members activities, local non Nepalese Charity Volunteer organisation in Hounslow.
Last but not least, I would also like to suggest all members to log on our website
to find out the details of information relating to future activities and possible events and about the activities which have already passed out earlier, let’s get together to help each other.
Unity is the Strength of Community.

My best Regards to all
Yours Sincerely,

Dol Malla 
The Chairman of GNCLBH